Executive Partners

TU works with accomplished operating executives to identify opportunities where the executive can become either (1) a part-time advisor, co-investor and/or board member, or (2) a full time executive with a company as CEO, CFO or other ongoing senior role.

TU helps executives to develop their own specific investment criteria, leveraging their operating strengths and knowledge of particular markets to create a specific value-creation plan.  

TU works closely with the executive throughout the entire investment process, including:
  • Identifying and evaluating potential investment targets
  • Development and execution of strategic growth plan
  • Investment realization

Desired characteristics for prospective TU Executive Partners:
  • Successful track record in growing EBITDA and creating shareholder value
  • Able to spend time searching for deals; often “in transition”
  • Willing to roll up sleeves in smaller company situations
  • Strong domain knowledge, i.e. ability to understand dynamics with markets, customers and vendors
  • Full P&L experience of at least $150M in revenues with knowledge across all functions including sales and marketing, operations and finance

Benefits to executives
  • Tap into the TU deal sourcing network
  • Opportunity to own a significant stake in a business and generate substantial personal wealth
  • Leverage skill set and domain expertise in a well-capitalized, industry leading company with the support of a seasoned investment group and a patient and flexible capital source
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